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Northern highlights tour

Northern highlights tour

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Schleswig-Holstein offers endless skies and rolling seas – this Northern region calls to the soul in myriad ways. And one of these is most certainly the historic district of Luebeck, with its unique silhouette of church spires and ancient gates. The town has been a World Cultural Heritage site since 1987; the tidal flats enjoy similar Unesco recognition. And above it all, soars Jan Peters. Join this Ringhotels proprietor for an unforgettable flight over the spectacular North Sea coastline.

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Your hosts: Ringhotel Wassersleben in Flensburg, Ringhotel Waldschlösschen in Schleswig, Ringhotel Birke in KielRinghotel Friederikenhof in Lübeck-OberbuessauRinghotel Landhaus Gardels in Brunsbüttel and Ringhotel Aquarium Boddenberg in Friedrichstadt.

This tour is a suggestion, we would be happy to make you an individual offer. Please note, kilometer data may vary.

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