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Fine food and wine

Fine food and wine

Roundtrip 2 en

This culinary pleasure tour takes visitors along the Rhine river, through the ruggedly romantic Ahr valley with its scenic wine terraces nestled along steep hillsides, along the Middle rhine to Baden. Along the way you will come upon what is arguably Germany’s most famous alleyway: the Drosselgasse in Ruedesheim, with its many wine gardens and taverns. Discover more about the essence of wine making at the Ringhotel Winzerhof, with hosts who have tended their own vineyards for generations.

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Your hosts: Ringhotel Giffels Goldener Anker in Bad Neuenahr, Ringhotel Central in Rüdesheim and Ringhotel Winzerhof in Rauenberg.

7-Day-Package with 6 overnight stays

This round trip can be booked from Bad Neuenahr via Ruedesheim to Rauenberg or in reverse order. It includes the following:

At each Ringhotel:

  • 2 nights incl. breakfast buffet
  • Use of available leisure and spa facilities

Included regional highlights:

  • In Bad Neuenahr: 1 seasonal dinner (5-course) with wines pairings, 1 dinner, 1 map of the red wine hiking trail, 1 bottle of Ahr wineas farewell gift
  • In Ruedesheim: 1 regional dinner with typical coffee, 1 gourmet dinner (4-course) incl. aperitif
  • In Rauenberg: 1 glass of sparkling vintner wine, 1 Kraichgau menu (2-course), 1 amuse bouche menu with wine pairings, 1 bicycle loan

Price per person

in a double room from € 616,00
in a single room from € 696,00
(subject to local fees and taxes)

One night extension upon request. Hired bicycles subject to availability.

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