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Round trips

Experience with our round trips new destinations all over Germany.

From Ringhotel to Ringhotel: powered by electricity

E-Charging Stations for E-Cars

Electric mobility is an increasingly important trend that Ringhotels is proud to support, not only by offering popular e-bike excursions, but also in the form of charging stations for vacationers who are choosing electric vehicles as their form of transportation. Electric cars are not only environmentally friendly - inasmuch as they use sustainably sourced electricity - they are also a great deal of fun to drive: their direct drive mechanisms provide particularly rapid initial acceleration, and the central positioning of their batteries promote excellent road adherence.

Vehicle charging stations at our Ringhotels

Are you traveling with your own electric car or thinking of renting one, and planning a stay with Ringhotels? The list above conveniently shows all hotels with charging stations. For more information on amenities and availability, it is best to contact the individual establishment of your choice directly. Clicking on any listed Ringhotel will allow you to access its contact information.

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