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German Castles

Make history yourself: in one of our German Castles Ringhotels.

To be master of the castle

Gast im Schloss LogoEnjoy a unique vacation experience

Dine at Germany’s oldest inns and savor the experience of feeling like the Lord or Lady of the Castle.

The regal tradition of the castles and palaces for which Germany is world-famous continues to be cultivated in many of its historic buildings and noble estates. Gleaming silverware, thick walls that protectively envelop guests and inhabitants, and culinary delights conjured from regional ingredients, including fish and game from local waters and reserves. Our “German Castles” hotels are truly unique vacation venues – join us for an unforgettable journey back in time.

The philosophy of the 'German Castles' hotel line is based upon the Ringhotels philosophy. There are, however, some additional elements applicable specifically to German Castles, because this special label may only be used by hotels which fulfill the following criteria: Historic ambiance and original structure of the hotel or restaurant.

  • Modern additions built in the 20th and 21st centuries must fit with the overall historic ambiance of the establishment, restrictions in the size of the business are applicable
  • Furnishing, equipment and amenities must be individual and stylish
  • High quality of cuisine and service is a prerequisite

Qualifying member establishments form part of the Ringhotels cooperative, but are entitled to additionally bear the label 'German Castles'.

2Romantic atmosphere at the 4-star hotel Ringhotel Schloss Tangermuende in Tangermuende Tower-house with tower-suite in the 4-star hotel Ringhotel Gutshof Sparow in Sparow Noble ambience in the breakfast room of the Ringhotel Altes Pfarrhaus Beaumarais garni, 3 star hotel in Saarlouis in the Saarland Room with stylish bathroom and parquet floor at the 4-star-superior hotel Ringhotel Landhaus Eggert in Muenster Stylish, exclusive decorated rooms with stuccoed ceiling at the 3-star hotel Ringhotel Loewen in Marktbreit Wine cellar at the Ringhotel the Ringhotel Zum Roten Baeren in Freiburg Luther feast, featuring music and entertainment in Ringhotel Lutherhotel Eisenacher Hof in Eisenach, 4 star hotel in Thuringian Forest The banquet hall, which conjures an unforgettable atmosphere at the Ringhotel Schloss Hohenstein in Coburg/Ahorn Modern and individual furnished apartments at the Ringhotel Adler in Asperg/Ludwigsburg, 4-star-superior hotel in the metropolitan region Stuttgart

Historic places

The 'German Castles' line of hotels joined Ringhotels in July 2007. At these affiliated hotels, unique vacation oases have been created within historic manor houses and estates, charming historic half-timbered buildings and stately old town houses in the heart of the historic districts. At 'German Castles' hotels, where tradition of hospitality has been nurtured for generations, history has already been made. Why not come and dine in Germany's oldest historic inn or spend the night in one of the most traditional establishments in Bavaria - add an interesting chapter to your own history with us!

Culinary delights

All hosts at our hotels pride themselves upon presenting the very finest regional cuisine. A number of our 'German Castles' hotels have restaurants which are commended in at least two gastronomy guides. For example, the Ringhotels Adler in Asperg near Ludwigsburg, the Ringhotel Zum Roten Baeren in Freiburg (Breisgau) and the Ringhotel Landhaus Eggert in Muenster (Westphalia).

Tradition and modernity

The 'German Castles' hotels are located in historic places and towns. The oldest location where a 'German Castles' hotel is to be found is in Bonn, which celebrated its 2000th birthday in 1989. The 'youngest' location for a German Castles hotel is Marktbreit, which was first mentioned in 1266. As enchanting as the villages and towns where they are found, these historic hotels - rich in tradition - captivate visitors with the charm and elegance of a bygone era. We invite you to come to German Castles and enjoy the one-of-a-kind combination of historic and cultural ambiance, contemporary comforts and truly unique geographic location.

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