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Participation: Terms and Conditions


a) Eligibility for participation

Participation in the RinghotelsCard programme is open to natural persons over the age of 18. Juridical persons, directorship companies and employees of Ringhotels and Ringhotels e.V. are not eligible for participation.

b) Commencement of participation

Participation commences when the applicant is notified of his/her personal RinghotelsCard number by the reception team at any Ringhotel, or by the Ringhotels Service Centre of Ringhotels e.V., or upon receipt of his/her personal RinghotelsCard through postal delivery. Only one Rings account can be opened per person. The RinghotelsCard remains property of Ringhotels e.V., is non-transferrable and has to be returned to Ringhotels e.V. upon termination of participation in the RinghotelsCard programme. Loss, theft or damage to the RinghotelsCard is to be reported to Ringhotels e.V. without delay, to facilitate the issuance of a replacement card.

c) Termination of Participation

Participation in the RinghotelsCard programme can be terminated in writing at any time by either party without notice and without providing reasons for termination. Any Rings which have been collected and not yet redeemed at the date of termination must be utilised within 6 months after the date of receipt of the termination notice, after which they will permanently expire. In instances where no Rings have been collected for a period of 24 months, participation in the RinghotelsCard programme will expire automatically at the end of the next quarter, without any requirement for written termination by either party.

2. Collecting Rings

a) Collecting

Rings can be accumulated from the start of participation (as defined in 1.b above). The card holder has to present his/her RinghotelsCard at the Ringhotel. When making reservations telephonically or in writing, the participant is required to state the RinghotelsCard number which is printed on his/her card. Ringhotels Rings cannot be collected or earned retroactively.  RinghotelsCard holders receive Ringhotels Rings based upon their personal expenditure related to a minimum of one night’s accommodation in a Ringhotel. For every EUR10 spent, 3 Rings will be allocated. The card holder’s expenditure on accommodation, food, drink as well as additional services will be considered for calculation purposes. Expenditure from meetings, conferences and events, group travel, services paid for with vouchers as well as out-of-pocket expenses (for example, spa tax, prize top-ups) will not be taken into consideration.

b) Rings account balance

All Rings collected by participants are administered by Ringhotels e.V. in a central databank. The current Rings balance can be obtained at any time telephonically from the Ringhotels Service Centre, checked online or requested personally when staying at a Ringhotel. A RinghotelsCard statement of account will be sent to the participant upon request.

c) Assignment of Rings

Rings collected by one RinghotelsCard holder cannot be assigned to another RinghotelsCard holder.

d) Status

The 500 RinghotelsCard holders who collected the most Rings in the previous calendar year will be entitled to receive the Ringhotels RubinCard, valid for the following calendar year.

3. Redeeming Rings

a) Non-hotel Prizes

Every participant is entitled to redeem his/her Rings for non-hotel prizes, as soon as his/her Rings account reflects the requisite number of Rings for the specific prize. The prize must be requested in writing from Ringhotels e.V. and the card holder details as well as RinghotelsCard number must be provided. Should the requested prize not be available, Ringhotels e.V. will advise the card holder without delay, so that the card holder may select an alternative prize. Rings collected cannot be redeemed for cash. For delivery of a prize to addresses outside the Federal Republic of Germany, an additional 100 Rings will be redeemed.

b) Expiry of Rings

Should a hotel prize be cancelled after the permissible reservation cancellation deadline, the Rings used for redemption of this hotel prize will expire. The cancellation deadlines of the respective Ringhotels will be applicable. Should accumulated Rings not be redeemed within 2 years after the quarter within which they were earned, the Rings will expire automatically at the end of the next quarter. The expiry of Rings will not be linked to the specific date upon which the Rings were earned, but to the quarter during which the Rings were earned. RinghotelsCard holders can request information about the expiry date and number of Rings pending expiry at any time, as per paragraph 2.b above.

4. Miscellaneous

a) Termination of the programme

Ringhotels e.V. reserves the right to cancel the RinghotelsCard programme at any time without providing reasons or to replace the RinghotelsCard programme with another programme, and to cancel participation contracts in writing without notice. All Rings earned up to that date, will be redeemable as per paragraph 1.c.

b) Data protection

Personal details related to participation in the programme and required for purposes of implementing the programme, will be collected, processed and used for implementation of the programme, and the participant agrees to such.  

c) Changes

Ringhotels e.V. reserves the right to make changes or additions to the conditions of participation and the prizes, at any time. Changes or additions to the conditions of participation will be considered as accepted and will automatically become part of the contract, should the participant not have lodged a formal objection in writing within 1 month after notice of the changes or additions has been given. Should the participant object to a change or addition, Ringhotels e.V. has the right to terminate the participation contract with two weeks’ written notice. All Rings earned up to that date will be redeemable as per paragraph 1.c.

d) Liability

Ringhotels e.V. or a Ringhotel and its employees and fulfilment agents cannot be held liable for any damages incurred by participants resulting from ordinary negligence in relation to their participation in the RinghotelsCard programme, with the exception of liability for damages resulting from tortious injury to life, limb or health.

e) Applicable Law

All claims will be subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Place of performance is Munich.

– As at: 01.08.2017 –

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